620 Running

Welcome to 620 Running!

620 Running is a competitive youth running program based in the Steiner Ranch neighborhood of Austin, Texas. Our goal is to provide a fun, team setting for our young athletes to develop. Whether running is their first competitive priority, or simply a cross-training opportunity to prepare for other activities, we will work to improve technique, strength, balance, endurance, and speed. Our competitive focus and training is geared toward middle distance track events and age appropriate cross country distances.

Potential 620 Running Members:

> Running is my thing, and I want to train with other runners in a fun and challenging team environment to improve.

> Running is not my thing, but I know that improving my balance, strength, speed, and endurance will make me better at my other sports and activities.

> I need to stay in shape / get in shape for the upcoming Cross Country / Football / Basketball / Soccer season.

> I love to compete, and want to race against the other top athletes in the City / State / Nation.

We have a great local area with athletically talented kids and supportive, nurturing parents. We want to showcase what these kids can accomplish when given the opportunity to train, develop, and compete. Let's hit the ground Running!!