Training Info

*620 Running trains year-round.

Practice Times

(School Year Schedule)

August 17, 2022 - May 27, 2023

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM M/W/F (All Groups)

+ Sunday at 7:30 am Downtown Run (Gold Group / HS+)

Bronze / Silver Group

(3 days / week) M /W /F

$80 / month

Bronze: our youngest runners, new runners, and runners more interested in activity / fitness than competition.

Silver: Typically, Middle School age runners, or multi-sport athletes who are preparing to compete in Cross Country and/ or Track.

Gold Group

(6-7 days / week)

$125 / month

Gold Group is intended for High School / Collegiate athletes and slightly younger runners who meet a list of fitness and maturity criteria.

  • Participation in the 620 Gold Group requires approval from the coaching staff.

  • GPS watch required.

  • Gold Group uses the Final Surge online coaching platform to prescribe and evaluate training. This allows athletes to train in-person, on their own, or a combination of the two.

High School +

$45 / month

High School + is for our Gold Group athletes during that time of year when they are "In Season" with their school teams and are receiving their primary training direction from the school's coaching staff. The goal is to supplement their current training, by providing supervision and guidance for those things that tend to "fall through the cracks".

  • Set, manage, and supervise Weekly Mileage Targets

  • Supervise missed workouts due to schedule conflicts:

    • School holidays / Tutorials / Tests / etc.

  • Non-School Competitions

    • National Meets ( AAU / Footlocker / New Balance )

    • Winter Track / Indoor Track

  • Strength Training

  • Nutrition / Health

  • Recruiting


Towne Square Park

12550 Country Trails Lane

Austin, TX 78732

What to bring to practice:

- Water bottle

- Appropriate running shoes

- Towel or mat (Optional) - to be used during core training and stretching

- GPS Watch ( Mandatory for Gold Group only)

- Positive Attitude! (Mandatory)

- Best Effort! (Mandatory)